Creating Dreams One Event At A Time!

AUGUST 16, 2014
Harrisburg Town Center!

Registration is NOW OPEN for August 16th 

(Saturday 10-2)

Welcome to our fourth HarrisburgARTwalk. Save the date: AUGUST 16th, 2014, from 10 - 2, located at the Harrisburg Town Center. 1400 Main & Robert Road, Harrisburg, NC 28075. We invite all small businesses. Whether you sell paintings, photography, crafts, cookies & cakes or design wood pieces, decorative or cabinetry, clothing, services of any kind - WE WELCOME YOU ALL!  I want the community to know we need to come together to support the efforts of this scholarship. We made our goal...and now it's time to build another one for the next year. We all know college isn't cheap and it's not going to get any better in the future. Alone we can achieve little, together we can achieve more!


On this website, I'm hoping to highlight all of our local artists and link you to their websites so you can support their business. 

I look forward to the fourth event and many more to come. Our events have been set now to June, August, November (only winter one), and March. These are the months for our HarrisburgARTwalk - so mark your calendar and plan accordingly. We are hoping to have more vendors and more family friendly activities. 

Thank you-

Teresa Stern

HarrisburgARTwalk Coordinator & Event Planner


Harrisburg Town Center, Harrisburg, NC 28075